Tencent In Exclusive Talks to Buyout Warframe

The Chinese Megaconglomerate is Always Looking to Expand

Tencent, a Chinese megaconglomerate, is looking to acquire Warframe’s parent company, Leyou. Known for owning a variety of video game companies such as Riot Games and Grinding Gear Games, it’s doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see Tencent’s interest in Warframe. This comes after the news that Sony was in talks with Leyou earlier about acquiring the company. Warframe's The War Within

From what we can tell, it seems that Sony was outbid by Tencent as no deal has been announced by Sony since their meeting. It would have been interesting to see the effects that Sony could have brought to Warframe as it would be been entered into the Sony Worldwide Studios. On the other hand, Tencent is known for subtler and less hands-on approach in the games they acquire. Of course, it’s impossible to tell which would be the better option for the game. Of course, no deal might be made with Tencent as well, but with Leyou looking for buyers, it seems like change is on the horizon.

Warframe a free-to-play game released in 2013 has had impressive growth throughout its multiple expansions. Although not much of an explosion in popularity, the game has slowly gained traction over the years from being an obscure indie title, and now known on the internet as one of the best f2p games available.

Whichever decision the parent company makes, we hope that Warframe maintains its awesomeness.

Source: AndroidCentral