Smash Bros Pro M2K Defends Himself From Allegations

Nothing Justifies Witch Hunting

Amongst the whirlwind of sexual misconduct accusations in the Smash community, it seems that the one rallied against Mew2King was false. While we must listen to the victims of these terrifying accounts and take them seriously, going on to attack people, especially the ones not yet proven guilty, is absolutely deplorable and hurts the entire movement.


Mew2King, shortened as M2K, is a popular Smash pro that has been with the community for a long time. The accusations brought forth against him stated that he masturbated in front of minors, which led to a witchhunt that severely affected M2K’s mental health.

The pro made a statement on his Youtube channel which stated that a medical condition that arose from a complication in his childhood prevents him from masturbating, falsifying the claims. You can watch his video above for the details, be warned it is an emotionally painful video.

The accuser has since deleted their Twitter where the lie was made.

The worst part of all this is that M2K struggles with many psychological problems including Aspergers, ADHD, OCD, and depression. This led to the community believing the lier’s claims based on M2K’s awkward social behaviour, turning the witchhunt into a hate-crime exploiting a person with mental issues.

This is a tumultuous and emotional time for the community. While I understand people’s desire for revenge, we must do our best to approach these delicate situations with utmost care. Please, still listen to the victims, but stop and think about your reactions before creating another victim.

Source: M2K Youtube