Call of Duty Team Los Angeles Guerillas Overhauls Its Roster

Call of Duty Team Los Angeles Guerillas Overhauls Its Roster

The Call of Duty League kicked off its first tournament in December, 2022. At the end of the highly competitive and contested weekend, the New York Subliners were crowned champions. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Guerrillas didn’t fare too well. As a result, the team announced a change to its roster. The Call of Duty League continues for Major 2 qualifiers on January 13th. Interested fans can watch it for free on Twitch.

Via its official Twitter, the team stated, “A new look for the new year. Off the heels of their championship run at the Major 1 Challengers Open, please welcome Assault, JoeDeceives and Exceed to our starting roster as they join Arcitys.” The team was well received as it consisted of Challenger players who have been vying for a spot for some time.

Since then, members of the previous team such as Huke became a free agent and Neptuune joined a Challengers team. Fans of the organization are hopeful that the team can pick up another Championship trophy in the next tournament.

Additionally, the growth of eSports is great for video games as titles such as Valorant, FIFA, StarCraft, League of Legends and Counter-Strike have striving competitive communities. eSports is a fantastic industry with a bright future and continued investment from outside sources and businessmen will continue to allow it to grow.

What are your thoughts on eSports? Do you watch the Call of Duty League? Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Guerrillas? What do you enjoy most about the league? Which eSports do you watch? What do you think about the newest roster from the team? Where do you think they will place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.