Call of Duty Pro Scump Retires As Dashy Returns To Optic Texas

Call of Duty Pro Scump Retires As Dashy Returns To Optic Texas

eSports has grown over the past decade and Scump, a Call of Duty pro, was a major reason for Call of Duty’s eSport growth. Scump has been competing for years and has led his teams to various Championships, trophies and more. However, one of the best players in the scene officially announced his retirement from the pro scene and Optic Texas. As a result, Dashy has returned to the squad to take his place alongside Illey, Huke and Shotzzy.

In a five-minute video, Scump dropped the bomb on fans mid-season, after a controversial roster change. The player proceeded to explain the difficulty in making the decision and that it was becoming difficult for him to continue to be competitive. He proceeded to thank his fans, fellow players, friends, family and give encouragement to the game’s current roster, including Dashy, his replacement.

Dashy returns to Optic Texas only a few days after being dropped in a controversial decision. However, the new roster played its first game yesterday and won against the Seattle Surge. Optic Texas is set to play against Toronto Ultra later today and will be put to the test.

Scump’s career has led him to being considered the greatest of all time, alongside his former teammate CrimSix. Both players have won many titles and Scump has often edged out his competition in slaying and more.

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