Call of Duty Pro Team Optic Texas Signs Challenger Player To Its Roster

Call of Duty Pro Team Optic Texas Signs Challenger Player To Its Roster

The Call of Duty League 2023 Season for Modern Warfare II is in full swing. Atlanta Faze won Major II while New York Subliners were successful at Major I. With Major III qualifiers starting next week, Optic Texas has decided to make a roster change. The team has dropped its veteran player, Illey, and replaced him with a challenger player, who will make his league debut. Optic Ghosty has joined the roster for Major III.

Fans were shocked at the announcement of Illey becoming a free agent over Twitter. There were rumors of a roster change, however most fans ignored them as the team came in 4th place at the major with very little practice. Furthermore, fans expected the team to stick together as Huke, Shotzzy and Illey played won a Championship in the past. Unfortunately, Optic Texas made a roster change and dropped Illey for Optic Ghosty.

Ghosty has been very successful at the Challenger level, by winning the last tournament and performing great, despite pursuing his college education. Fans are hopeful that he hits the mark for Optic and that they are successful at the upcoming Major. Moreover, Major III will be held in Texas, as the team’s home major. The pressure is on and Optic Ghosty’s talent, skill and more will be tested from qualifiers next Friday.

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