Terra Invicta Receiving First Content Update

The War For Earth Continues 

The fate of Earth, the solar system, and humanity is in your hands. Of course, you’ve been defending our home valiantly so far, but the battle expands. Today, Hooded Horse and Pavonis Interactive are pleased to announce the first major content update for their 4X Grand Strategy game, Terra Invicta. The new update introduces a whole load of new content to the game. Of course, a press release provides some more details on the update itself. Additionally, players can look forward to grabbing the game at discount this weekend as it’s a Steam Feature Game. 

Terra Invicta

Terra Invicta introduces players to a solar system under invasion. Aliens have arrived and now, factions are emerging vying for control of Earth. Seven factions are available for players to take control of. Importantly, each faction will have its own playstyle and attitudes toward the alien invaders. Of course, depending on the faction players choose, they will shape the nations of Earth, taking control of the resources of the world. Furthermore, the fate of humanity’s footholds in space are dependent on faction choices, technological advancements, and real-time-combat. 

Aside from bug fixes and quality of life changes, players can look forward to a great deal of new content. For instance, 20 new narrative events, new mechanics for habitat assaults, and improvements to tactical combat all await players in the update. Of course, this means players will have a lot more to learn. 

Terra Invicta is out now on Steam. Importantly,  Terra Invicta will be available for a 20% discount on Steam until February 16th. So, will you be grabbing the game?