Isonzo, WWI FPS, Receiving River Piave Update In Late February

Rivers Run Red 

Prepare to enter the Great War. Charge into a front from the same series that Verdun started. Today, BlackMill Games is excited to announce the release date for the second update for their WWI FPS game, Isonzo. Releasing on February 28th the update, focusing on the River Piave, will bring a host of new content to the game. Of course, a press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, fans can check out the very brief new teaser trailer for a small taste of what is to come. 


Isonzo introduces players to high-altitude combat in the Alps during WWI. Where Verdun and Tannenberg each introduced players to distinctive fronts of the war, Isonzo is no different. Of course, the game is utilizing the same iconic squad-based warfare of the other stand-alone games. Yet, this time players are taking on offensives in the Italian front. Importantly, Isonzo places historically accurate weapons in the hands of players, meaning they can experience the actual combat of the war. 

The new, free, update coming on February 28th, is expanding the Italian front. With the Caporetto Expansion players will have access to three new offensive maps and two new weapons. Importantly, the new maps will pit German and Italian soldiers against one another on either side of the River Piave. One side to build a bridge, the other to stop them from crossing. The river will run red with blood. 

Isonzo is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Consoles. Currently the game is available for $38.99. The update, the Caporetto Expansion, is releasing on February 28th. So, are you ready for alpine combat?