V Rising Announces Free DLC and Dark Magic Updates

The Vampiric Powers Grow 

The world of V Rising is about to get even bigger. With now over 3 million vampires roaming around, it’s no wonder there’s about to be even more content. Today, Stunlock Studios is excited to announce their plans for 2023 and they include free DLC and updates to Dark Magic. A new developer blog provides more details about the future of the game. Of course, players can also check out the early access launch trailer for the game for a look at the gameplay. 

v rising sold one million copies

V Rising is a top-down survival game where players take on the role of a fledgling vampire. Your goal is to become the most powerful vampire in the realm, the next Dracula. However, the world isn’t exactly happy that vampires exist. In fact, there are many people, creatures, and more that will actively try to kill the player. Not to mention, other vampires and of course the sun. You will need to feed on blood to gain new powers, collect resources to build your castle, and do battle with other vampires. Luckily,  there is a wide variety of weapons, magic, and skills players can put to use. 

The developer update today provides more details on what else players can look forward to. First of all, coming in May is the free expansion. This expansion is looking to build upon the foundations of the game. Of course, this means adding more layers and complexity to the ways that players can engage with V Rising. Additionally, the update discusses changes coming to the magic system including the introduction of jewels, and changes to certain spells. 

V Rising is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. Currently it is available for $22.79. So, are you looking forward to what’s next for V Rising?