V Rising, Vampire Survival Game, Surpasses 3 Million Sales

A Lot of Bloodsuckers 

On a chain of continuous growth, the vampire world has grown ever stronger. Today, Stunlock Studios is happy to announce that their massively popular vampire survival game, V Rising, has surpassed 3 million sales. Of course, in just a year since its release this is an impressive number.  The following comes as no surprise given the inventive nature of the game, combining RPG and survival elements. Stunlock released a twitter post thanking their community for 3 million vampiric lords. 


V Rising is a top-down survival game where players take on the role of a fledgling vampire.  Your goal is to become the next Dracula of a wide fantasy world. However, it comes as no surprise that the humans of the world don’t take kindly to vampires. Additionally, you are vying against other vampires. As such, you will be hunted by not only humans but by your own kind. You will need to feed on blood to gain new powers, collect resources to build your castle, and hide from daylight or turn into ash. Importantly, there is a variety of weapons, powers, and skills players can use to customize their style of play. 

v rising sold one million copies

The announcement of 3 million sales comes after some new updates to the game before the new year. 

V Rising is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. Currently it is available for $22.79. So, are you already a part of the ranks of fanged lords? Or are you still looking to join the vampires.