Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey Solving Murders on Console Today

A Legendary Trio

Welcome to Whitechapel England. A nightmare stalks the streets. Murders abound. Of course who better to solve the mystery than legends of the Arthurian variety. Today Hidden Trap and Dolores Entertainment are happy to announce the release of their investigative thriller, Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey, on consoles. Out now on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, players can look forward to playing three distinct characters as you solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the new console trailer for the game. 

Dance of Death

Dance of Death introduces players to none other than Sir Lancelot Du Lac and his, currently cursed, partner Morgan Le Fey. It’s 1888 and the pair are in Whitechapel England. Of course, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time is  currently on a rampage: Jack the Ripper. And who better to solve the mystery than A knight, a Witch, and one of the Ripper’s latest victims, Mary Kelly. 

Players will play as each of these three characters as they work through the mystery. Importantly, solving a mystery will involve visiting and analyzing crime scenes. All three characters bring something to the table. From Du Lac’s detective skills to Fey’s currently canine senses and Mary’s psychic powers, you should be able to figure out the mystery. 

Check out the trailer below. 

Dance of Death is currently out on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch consoles. So, are you ready to solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper?