Ashen Knights: One Passage Is Battling a Demo to Steam Next Fest

A Prologue, One Passage 

Prepare for your first foray into the world of Ashen Knights.  A story before the story awaits. Today Baykal Arts is happy to announce that their game Ashen Knights: Foreshadow is receiving a playable demo prologue at Steam Next Fest. Titled, Ashen Knights: One Passage, the demo is coming to Next Fest on February 6th. Introducing players to its interesting gameplay mechanics the demo provides the first look at what players can expect from the game. Of course, a press release delves into some minor details on the demo. Additionally, players can check out the new demo trailer. 

Ashen Knights

Ashen Knights: One Passage takes place in the same world as the main game. The demo will serve to introduce players to the world, consumed by evil, the main characters, and of course the gameplay mechanics. Players will choose to play as two different heroes in the game, each carrying a different style of gameplay. Primos, allows players to hack-and-slash their way through battles. While, Evelin provides a more meditative souls-like style of gameplay.  Of course, there is more than just combat to look forward to. The demo will also be challenging players with puzzles and lore set within the grim dark fantasy world. 

Importantly, players can get a glimpse of what to expect from the game’s demo at next fest. From art style to gameplay mechanics, check it out below. 

Ashen Knights: One Passage demo is premiering for free during Steam Next Fest on February 6th. Currently players are able to wish list the game on Steam. So, will you be trying out the demo?