First Ooblets Patch Includes Re-Homing Solution

In Case You’re Waist-Deep In The Little Weirdos

Ooblets has been in the oven for what feels like forever. Now, we’ve got the Early Access edition to roam around in, along with the first Ooblets patch to smooth over some of those rougher edges. For the most part, the game is lovely! There’s just a few saving issues to contend with, and also nowhere to put the excess Ooblets you might acquire. Thankfully, these problems have been tackled with the patch in question.

Ooblets patch

Now, players who have run into the Ooblet limit can ship them off to a Wildlands habitat, never to be seen again. The alternative is to build more housing, but this comes at a prohibitive cost. At a certain point in the game, you’re going to have more Ooblets than you’ve got places to put them. It’s exactly the sort of balance issue a series of patches is meant to correct. Said patch is out now for the PC version, with the Xbox equivalent coming very soon. The rest of the patch notes are below:

-Wildlands Ooblet-rehoming system
-Redid our saving system to hopefully lower the number of corrupted saves
-Added a save file de-corrupter in-game for when it does inevitably happen again
-Player can always reject seeds, even in the tutorial
-Added scroll bar to hairdo UI
-If player does not have a cot, one will be provided for free
-Shops should all now refill every day (sorry about that, it was because the save data was not saving the inventories of some of the stores each day, so they’d be empty upon load)
-Fixed issue where some people weren’t seeing items added to furniture store (also a saving issue)
-Quality settings should save correctly between sessions
-Removed de-weeding sound when your Ooblets de-weed
-New hairs will show at the top of hair list instead of bottom
-Watering can shouldn’t show up when you’re looking at the figurines anymore
-Inventory UX improvements
-Balloon pathfinding improvements
-Farming improvements (fixed another scenario where player might get stuck in farming mode)
-Fixed issue where player was accidentally being given ALL rewards for completing figurine collections, instead of just one of the rewards
-Increased sea-dangling rewards from higher tier baits