Ghost of Tsushima Patch Adds More Relaxing AND Intense Experiences

Dial It Back or Turn It Up

Ghost of Tsushima came out a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews, including our own. Add another successful exclusive to the PS4’s library. Though, as with everything, there is always room to improve. Today, Ghost of Tsushima was updated to give players a little more bang for their buck, more slice for the price, more seppuku and fun for you. At the same time, this Ghost of Tsushima patch has made the game both more accessible for the casual players and more challenging for the hardest of core samurai players.

Ghost of Tsushima patch

To be clear, there is no new content in this patch, but it will help you fully enjoy it, whether that means by being a more punishing game or by letting you be a more deadly samurai. First off, this patch adds a new difficulty: Lethal. In this mode, enemy weapons are more deadly, but so are Jin’s weapons. Enemies are also more aggressive in combat, they will detect you quicker in stealth mode, and the reaction windows for parrying and dodging has been shortened. If the game is already more difficult than you would like, there is now a Lower Intensity mode. In this mode, many enemy attacks which are normally unblockable can be blocked, though there are some that still must be dodged. Enemies will also let you recover and compose yourself after they land a combo. In addition, they will not attack you while using Resolve to heal yourself. Their awareness also builds more slowly when you are sneaking around. How nice of these guys.

Another improvement, which does not affect gameplay, is that text size can be increased by 150% with the Large Text option. You can also disable a speaker’s name in the subtitles menu and change the text from white to either yellow, blue, red, or green. Ghost of Tsushima is out now for PS4.

Will you be making use of any of these new options? Let us know in the comments below.