A New Rumor About WB Games Is Begining To Spread

WB Games May Have Several Companies Interested In Purchasing Studios

Over the past month, there have been rumors that WB Games, the company that developed the BatmanArkham series and Mortal Kombat games, is up for sale. While many people believed that Microsoft would be the company to purchase the studios, there may be another company looking to expand its development roster. When questioned about the possible acquisition of WB Games, COO of Electronic Arts Blake Jorgensen explained that the company is always looking for new talent.

WB Games Montreal

In his statement, Jorgensen stated, “I can’t comment on any specific acquisition other than what I will tell you as we said you’ve seen in the past where we’ve done the best is where we have long-term relationships with people and we’re really trying to buy great talent versus games.” If EA were to purchase all of WB Games, the publisher would gain Rocksteady Studios. Rocksteady, best know for the Batman: Arkham series is regarded as a highly talented studio based out of England.

Although the company did not shoot down the possible acquisition, EA did not actually confirm that they are pursuing WB Games. At this time, it is still unknown whether WB Games will sell each studio individually or as one large group.