Second Extinction Gets Gameplay Reveal

IGN’s Summer of Gaming Gets Second Extinction Gameplay

The upcoming live service game known as Second Extinction recently got a gameplay reveal trailer during an interview as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming. All types of dinosaurs will apparently be represented and several were shown off during the gameplay reveal trailer. The three player class-based co-op was featured intensely in the trailer and various pieces of the arsenal were showed off to give gamers an idea of what kind of weapons they’ll be fighting dinosaurs off with. Second Extinction will be releasing for PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One later this generation, with an official release date is coming very soon.

“Our ultimate aim is to ensure a great silky smooth FPS experience and get more carnage onto the screen,” said lead producer of Second Extinction Brynley Gibson. “Our heritage from the Avalanche Studios Group is, kind of, games with crazy things going on. This is essentially what it (Xbox Series X) allows us to do is push that and get more of the action onto the screen for players.” When asked about the plot of Second Extinction, Gibson stated, “when we join the story we don’t really know exactly what happened. Time has moved on since the actual extinction event occurred and some of humanity has escaped to the stars.”

“We have this idea of base types of enemies and they’re different species and then there are mutations that come from that,” continued Brynley. “Our base raptor, we wanted him to be recognizably a raptor. As you get close to the raptors, you can tell there’s something off about them, their eyes aren’t not quite right, there’s too many teeth. These are your basic mutant and they’re a kind of horde type enemy.”

“There’s other spin-offs of the raptors as well such as the electric raptor which we took a loose science approach to. They aren’t fantasy, they aren’t magical, we just looked at some crazy things in the animal kingdom and like ‘yeah, okay this! Animals can do camouflage and animals that can deliver electric shocks,’ and we used those as jumping off points.”

Source: Twinfinite