PS5 Production Prices Rise, PlayStation CEO Gives Insight

The PS5’s Production Costs Have Increased, But Don’t Worry

Many folks have been looking forward to the launch of the new PS5, whose reveal-event has been set for June 4th. There are a lot of new features worth salivating over, such as possible 8k-video compatibility, a new DualSense controller, and 38 new games that are being developed for the PS5. However, one factor about the new console is a bit of a downer: Sony’s PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has recently commented about an increase in production prices for said games.

In an interview with, he remarks “…[the games] will become slightly more human intensive and capital intensive to produce…So yes, we think there probably will be an increase in development budgets.” A few factors that are contributing to this include: ensuring that each game has stellar GUI, trying to navigate development production in the midst of a pandemic, and dealing with a hurting economy. Despite these unknowns, Ryan reminds us that “We [PlayStation] have always felt that we had a responsibility to serve that [PS4] community…”

PlayStation Games Collage

Ryan does not seem concerned about the increase in dev-production, and matter-of-factly states that “…gaming is one of the pastimes, and one of the businesses, that benefits in economically difficult times.” He insists that the best way that PlayStation can continue to look out for players is to provide them with the best value (quality, quantity, depth, breadth, price) of games. It certainly looks like the PS5 will come with a lot of sleek specs, as well as graphically gorgeous games. As long as PlayStation continues to foster their devotion to players, there should be nothing to worry about, but a lot to look forward to.