The PS5’s New Roster of Games Will Supposedly Be Revealed Next Month

What Should We Expect From Sony? 

While Xbox has already held its first of many online showcases, Sony has not appeared to be in any rush to try and match its competition. PlayStation has a reputation for doing things at its own pace rather than trying to follow in the footsteps of Xbox or Nintendo. Despite the lack of information we have about the PS5 it is possible that all of this could change in June. According to rumors, Sony is going to be unveiling the game roster for the PS5 next month.

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VentureBeat has claimed that these events are going to take place over a series of weeks rather than just one day. It is still unclear what is going to be shown off on each specific day, but we can only assume that at least one of these conferences is going to be dedicated to showing off what new next-gen titles PlayStation fans can look forward to on the PS5.

The PS4 has done an amazing job of securing new exclusive games as well as reinventing old ones. While the Xbox 360 used to be the undisputed champion of exclusive titles, that quickly changed this generation with the PS4 taking a clear edge. One can only assume that Sony is going to try and reinforce that competitive advantage this time around.

It would appear that both Xbox and PlayStation have a ton of separate events planned over the summer so it is hard to really tell when and where we will learn about the new games that will be launching alongside the new consoles. Regardless of when this happens is a safe assumption that after seeing the PS5’s graphics trailer there are million of giddy fans who cannot wait to get their hands on Sony’s latest console.