New Deadly Premonition 2 Trailer Gushes Southern Comfort

It’s a Game Set in the US

Deadly Premonition 2 is coming out soon. In fact, we are only a couple of weeks away from its release. It is the sequel to a Guinness World Record holder for the most critically polarizing video game, so it has a lot to live up to/make up for, depending on who you talk to. Earlier this week, fans were treated to a new trailer for Deadly Premonition 2. It is in the style of a tourism ad for Le Carré, a town in the US.

Deadly Premonition 2

Being a tourist ad, the trailer shows off different areas of the town that the player will be visiting including a bowling alley, a restaurant, and a hotel, which are sure to be places of interest during agent Francis York Morgan’s investigation, but just call him York. That’s what everyone calls him. The trailer’s tone is comforting and shows off the upgraded visuals from the previous game, but part way through tone shifts with ominous phrasing and creepy imagery from the investigation the player will be presented with, isn’t that right Zach?

Though Deadly Premonition gives off the feeling that it was made by someone outside of the United States, without doing any sort of research of the country or consulting anyone who has ever been there, it has amassed a cult following for its camp. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise will hopefully be everything that fans have been waiting for. Deadly Premonition 2 will be out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on July 10th.

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Source: YouTube