LEGO Marketing Boss Speaks Highly of Fortnite

LEGO Exec Thinks Fortnite Could be the First Credible Metaverse

According to the head of value creation and marketing at Lego Ventures, Robert Lowe, Fortnite could be the first credible metaverse. Based on his recent interview, it seems like LEGO may be interested in working with Epic Games for a Fortnite crossover in the future. The LEGO executive also claimed that Lego Ventures is look at gaming and education as two major pillars for the company to invest in the most. Fortnite is available for free on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Mac and Mobile right now.


“We see Fortnite taking a pretty good stab at making the first credible metaverse, where people can play and watch and share and socialize together,” said Robert Lowe. “There will be others, and this idea of a hybrid social platform, gaming platform, creative platform, is something that we’re extremely interested in being involved with through investment, through partnership.” Fortnite has been having some of the best crossovers in gaming lately and it’s likely that Epic Games will continue to innovate with the free to play battle royale as it evolves.

“We are investigating ideas around creativity and play, but not ones focused on the brick,” continued Robert Lowe. “We feel that, potentially, working with and investing in companies outside of Lego could be the best way of finding future digital systems in play… rather than building inside-out, which we’ve tried to do in the past and not succeeded.” The metaverse concept is apparently something that everyone in the industry talks about and many want to become, a game that brings people together through countless avenues.

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