Fortnite Celebration Cup Prize Will be a Staggering One Million Dollars

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PlayStation 4 players are going to be getting the chance of a lifetime to win a ton of money. Epic Games is going to be handing out 1 million dollars in prize money for the winner of the Celebration Cup. The Celebration Cup is going to be a solos tournament that is going to be held from February 15th to February 16th. This is meant to serve as a way to kick off the launch of Season 2

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There are going to be many prizes that are all available for players to win. On the first day, cosmetic items like skins and other add on will be up for grabs. However, no one is getting anything for free. The only way you are going to be getting any serious loot is if you place high enough in the games. You’re on your own.

The second day is when the real thing kicks off. On the 16th of February you, and everyone else will get the chance to win one million dollars. In order to qualify for the cash prize, you must be playing on a PS4 with an account that is at least level 15 or higher. You must also use dual authentication by having an Epic Games account too.

It goes without saying that this could end up being someone’s big break. While the million dollars is going to be massive, the fame that comes with winning a tournament like this is immeasurable. Let’s not forget Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle Giersdorf aka Bugha. He was the lucky recipient of 3 million dollars and tons of publicity. He was even able to make it on to numerous late-night talk shows and discuss his win with the likes of Kimmel and Falon. Maybe you could do the same.