Cthulhu Joining Smite’s Roster Next Week

Cthulhu Torments His Enemies in Smite Soon

Hi-Rez Studios have unveiled their next God to join the Smite roster in the form of H. P. Lovecraft’s abyssal horror, Cthulhu. Cthulhu will be joining the roster on June 16th, giving Smite fans only one week to prepare for his horrifying arrival. With a passive ability that stacks Torment to drive enemy Gods insane and a portal that summons The Mire to slow nearby enemies, Cthulhu will be a formidable foe or ally on the Smite battlefield. Smite is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC for free right now, with additional Gods, skins, a battlepass, etc. purchasable as well.

Cthulhu Smite

The Prey on Fear passive of Cthulhu in Smite will both impede enemies while making H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stronger with every hit. When four stacks of Torment are applied to enemy Gods, they are afflicted by Insanity which lasts 20 seconds. All of Cthulhu’s offensive abilities will apply one stack of Torment, forcing gamers to chain together attacks to properly drive the enemy Gods insane. The Mire is an AOE slowing ability that grows over time and damages enemies trapped within the portal in addition to applying Torment.

Cthulhu can utilize their massive wingspan to charge forward with the Rushing Terror ability, damaging and knocking back anyone that happens to be in their path. To unlock their full potential, Smite fans will have to trigger Cthulhu’s Descend Into Madness ability which reveals Cthulhu’s true form. Descend Into Madness stacks Torment on nearby enemies, particularly the Gods who face the abyssal horror, forcing other Gods to turn away as Cthulhu transforms. Cthulhu will be releasing with a few variations, giving fans of H.P. Lovecraft a few ways to express themselves on the battlefield on June 16th.

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Source: PC Gamer