CrossCode Comes To Consoles This August

PS4 and the Switch in Particular

After a couple of years’ worth of success on the PC, CrossCode is coming to consoles! The gorgeous imitation MMO is heading to the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch this August! This is great news for anyone who loves pixel art, puzzles, crazy boss battles, and who also doesn’t play PC games.


Better still, this further reinforces my theory that all games (and indeed all things) will one day be playable on the Switch. If you’ve never heard of this charming RPG, you can check out my review here. You play a gamer who’s unable to log out or talk even a little, which leads to no shortage of tomfoolery. The gameplay is a mix of complex puzzles and tough-ass battles, both of which are centered around a bouncing ball.

Head-scratching moments aside, the story is full of charm and wit, while the graphics are utterly delicious. The visuals alone make up the price of admission, which is itself already pretty agreeable. You can check out new trailer below, which is much more effective at communicating things like charm and fabulous visuals. CrossCode is coming to the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch on August 28th, 2020.

SOURCE: Press Release