Lost Arcade Gem Clockwork Aquario Coming This Summer

We’ve Got A Release Window Now

Last year, it was announced that Clockwork Aquario was being resurrected. The lost arcade game was shelved just before its completion way back in 1992. I guess bright and colorful platformers were on their way out? But not anymore! Now, we’re straight-up starving for the next beautiful distraction.

Clockwork Aquario

To that end, we finally have a rough idea of when this excavated gem is being released. A Q2 2021 release window, AKA this Summer, means we don’t have much longer to wait for this weird, gorgeous game. You can check out the latest trailer embedded below for an idea of what I’m talking about. Some of what you see was restored from the original project, and some of it had to be rebuilt from scratch. Thankfully, ININ Games was able to recruit members of the original team. Who better to bring it back the right way?

If you’re not content with a mere digital version of this game, Strictly Limited has a couple of options for physical editions you can pre-order. There’s a PS4 standard edition, along with a collector’s edition (and an ultra collector’s edition) for both consoles. The standard Nintendo Switch edition sold out immediately. Clockwork Aquario is coming this Summer to the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.