Battlefield Has Returned to Steam Once Again

Time to Assemble the Squad

Battlefield is finally available once again on Steam. It has been years since the franchise was pulled off of the platform in order to draw fans onto EA’s own online marketplace, Origin. Origin was, and still is, almost universally hated by everyone who uses it. Especially jaded Battlefield fans who did not want to venture away from Steam. Needless to say that EA has lost out on a lot of revenue and attention due to this decision. Thankfully they have come to their senses after all this time. All major Battlefield games that were released last decade are now on the largest video game market in the world.


There is one exception, however. Bad Company 2 is are not amongst the titles that made the leap to Steam. The exclusion of Bad Company 2 has left many fans scratching their heads. The confusion is only made worst considering that Hardline has also been ported onto Steam. A game with a laughably low player count. BC2 is easily one of the most loved and cherished games of the entire franchise and not having it included will be a huge disappointment to many longtime fans. If you still want to play then you will have to endure Origin.

On the bright side, Battlefield 3, 4, 1, and 5 can now be purchased on Steam. All Battlefield games will also be offering the premium additions that will come with a hefty amount of DLC. Each game mentioned is also currently on sale in order to celebrate this momentous event. While Battlefield 5 might have not lived up to expectations, that does not mean older entries into the series are not worth your time. One of the top comments for this bundle trailer is, “The only good decision done with the battlefield franchise in more than a year.” A statement that is hard to argue against.

Playing these games with a good group of friends is still one of the best experiences in all of gaming. If you are interested, be sure you make your purchase while they are still on sale. It is not clear how long it will last.