Details Leak for Tales from the Borderlands Redux

But Does it Come with Rhys Mustache DLC?

A couple of months ago, a leaked trailer for Tales from the Borderlands Redux surfaced. It announced new content and a director’s commentary, as well as possible hints at sequel. Yesterday, a possible leak about a few Telltale games surfaced, which included Tales from the Borderlands Redux. If this leak rings true, then there are spoilers ahead; you have been warned. The new leak details what happens in the new content and shows an updated achievement list for the game.

Tales From the Borderlands Redux

Here come the possible spoilers. The new content is an epilogue titled Epilogue. Creative. The story of the epilogue is just as original, but in a good way. Apparently, this bonus episode is very Back to the Future Part 2. Yeah, it’s a time-travel episode. Fiona and Rhys go back in time and play a part behind the scenes of the season and setting in motion events that affect their past selves. The ending of the epilogue also leaves less of a cliffhanger than the original version. It ends with Rhys going off on his own to build up Atlas, which is where we see him in Borderlands 3.

Is Tales from the Borderlands Redux going to be its own purchase? Yes and no. The Redux will replace the original game on the various platforms like Steam, Xbox Live Store, and PlayStation Store. If you already have the game, you can buy the Redux content like DLC. The add-on to the base game will cost $5 and the entire Redux game will cost about $30. The updated achievement list covers the epilogue, but also sprinkles in new achievements through the base game. You can check out the leak for yourself on Reddit, which also gives a bit of information on The Wolf Among Us 2 and a possible The Walking Dead Season 5. Tales from the Borderlands Redux is expected to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020.

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Source: Reddit