Kandagawa Jet Girls Will Make a Splash in the West This Summer

Wet and Wild Summer

Early this year, Marvelous announced their new game Kandagawa Jet Girls. This game is part of a multi-media project with an anime of the same name. The game and its characters have fan service out the wazoo and was released in Japan in mid-January. Fortunately for water-sport and racing enthusiasts in the West, XSEED Games is publishing a localized edition coming out this Summer. No specific date is given, but there is also a deluxe edition that will be available for PS4 owners.

Kandagawa Jet Girls DLC

Kandagawa Jet Girls feature several teams of racers comprised of one Jetter and one Shooter. It comes from the makers of Senran Kagura, whose characters are featured as bonus teams. In addition to the seven teams in the base game, Western players will get Ryobi and Ryona from Senran Kagura included. After the Western release, the second duo Asuka and Yumi will be available as DLC. The standard edition will cost $49.99 USD on Steam and PlayStation Store, but the Racing Hearts Edition will cost $59.99.

The Racing Hearts Edition comes with the base game, a 2 disk soundtrack, and an exclusive 64 page full colour artbook. Later this Summer you can join Rin and Misa on their journey to be the best Jet Girls around. Kandagawa Jet Girls will be available on PC and PS4 in the next few months.

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Source: XSEED Games