Kandagawa Jet Girls DLC Crosses Over With Senran Kagura

DLC Right Outta the Gate, Huh?

Last time on Kandagawa Jet Girls… Publisher Marvelous release the trailer for the jet ski game, introducing us to the various teams and their personalities. Kandagawa Jet Girls has since launched on PS4 in Japan, but so far there has been no word for a localized Western release. The game came out on January 16th, just two days ago, and already there is paid DLC. It seems like this could have been tacked on as pre-order content or something, but if there’s money to be made… The Kandagawa Jet Girls DLC actually includes characters from the Senran Kagura series.

Kandagawa Jet Girls DLC

While Kandagawa Jet Girls is a racing game with jet skis, Senran Kagura is primarily a side-scrolling fighting game with female ninjas. There appear to be three DLC packs with girls from Senran Kagura. One features Ikaruga and Yomi from 2011’s Portrait of Girls, and another with Ryōbi and Ryōna from 2013’s Shinovi Versus. A third pack or pass seems to bundle both those teams, plus two other teams comprised of Hikage and Homura; also from Portrait of Girls, and Murasaki from Shiovi Versus with Mirai from Portrait of Girls.

The single-team packs are priced at 1,000 ¥ and the bigger bundle is 3,500 ¥. The trailer is entirely in Japanese, which I cannot read, so there may be more information hidden in plain sight. Kandagawa Jet Girls is out now in Japan on PS4.

If Kandagawa Jet Girls gets localized, would you play it? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: YouTube