Gearbox Is the Latest Studio to Support Australian Wildfire Relief

Heavy Incendiary Damage

The wildfire crisis in Australia is as bad as ever. Even though it is only in a very specific place, people all over the world are scrambling to help out. And even though there are only a small percentage of people qualified and able to physically help, people from every industry are rallying support for relief. Many game studios are also doing their part and Gearbox, most famous for the Borderlands series, is the newest addition to the cause to aid Australian Wildfire relief.

Australian Wildfire

While some studios are directly donating money or raising funds through limited edition item campaigns, Gearbox is auctioning off some very rare merchandise in the name of Game Devs for Fireys. There are two items that Gearbox has made available; a Diamond Loot Chest Edition of Borderlands 3 and a Borderlands 3 print autographed by the developers and artists at Gearbox. The process is a little strange compared to what other developers have been doing. The items are displayed on Twitter, fans bid on them by replying with their bid, and then they are contacted to make the donation of their bid amount, supposedly by Gearbox. Once the donation has been confirmed, they will receive their item.

Other game developers that have made efforts to aid the Australian wildfire relief include Ubisoft, Bungie, Infinity Ward, and Crytivo, as well as the Overwatch and Apex Legends communities.

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Source: Twitter