Kandagawa Jet Girls Is Basically a Double Dash Jet Ski Anime

“There’s More to Racing Than Increasing Your Speed”

That’s a weird tagline if I ever did see one. It sounds like it’s supposed to be inspiring, but I have no idea what it’s try to say. Anywho, publisher Marvelous is rang in the new year for a trailer for Kandagawa Jet Girls. Kandagawa Jet Girls is a multimedia franchise consisting of an anime and game of the same name. The premise is that there is a women’s jet ski tournament where duos enter to be the best. This trailer released on January 6th introduces the teams and their characters.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

In the order they appear, the game includes the teams Kandagawa Jet Girls, Dress, Hell’s Kitchen, Unkai Surfers, MKHU, Suiryukai, and Grindcore, each representing different schools, because of course they are all schoolgirls. Each team has two girls; a Jetter who steers the jet, and a Shooter who shoots the opposing teams with a water gun. Kandagawa Jet Girls is made up of the Jetter Rin Namaki and Shooter Misa Aoi. Dress team consists of Kaguya Shijuuin and Kuromaru Manbu. On Hell’s Kitchen are the sisters Pan Tsui and Pan Tina. Unkai Surfers is made up of Jennifer Peach and Emily Orange. MKHU is comprised of Manatsu Shiraishi and Yuzu Midorikawa. Team Suiyukai has Fuuka Tamaki and Inori Masuda. Anda last, but not least, Grindcore is made up of Kamui Kurenai and Narkau Mamiya.

Though entirely in Japanese, the end of the trailer lists what comes with the Limited Edition. It comes with an exclusive episode of the anime focusing on the girls’ lives outside or racing, the 54-track OST on two discs, a 60+ page artbook, an alternate box cover, and the exclusive team Grindcore. Kandagawa Jet Girls will be available on PS4 on January 16th.

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Source: YouTube