Star Citizen is Free to Play Until the Beginning of June

See What All the Hype is About

The elusive game that is Star Citizen is now free to play until June 1st. This is going to be a great opportunity for players who have been curious about the game a chance to actually get their hands on it without forking over any money. Star Citizen has famously been in early access for what feels like 20 years at this point. Regardless of the drama or controversy that is going on behind the scenes, you will not want to miss out on this deal.

Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

For those who are not familiar with Star Citizen, it is an MMO that takes place across an enormous intergalactic map. You and your friends can essentially travel around and explore the solar system to your heart’s content. The game itself has been largely held together by a series of backers whether that be by fans who enjoy the game or companies who seek to profit off the title. Either way, there is a lot to do and the sheer amount of dedication and ambition that went into creating this game is truly awesome.

While most people are turned off at the idea of a game that is still in early access Star Citizen has managed to create one of the most loyal fanbases of any game. The community might not be the biggest, but the level of interaction that takes place between players is really hard to match.

To play the game for free you will still need to sign up for an account. Something that shouldn’t be too surprising considering you are getting a free game in return. If you like what you see after your free trial is up, you can always purchase the game for real. The developers have been fairly consistent with pushing out new updates and content, so it will be tough to run out of things to do.