Harvest Moon: One World Coming to Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: One World Brings More Farming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has officially announced the next Harvest Moon title coming to the Nintendo Switch and it’s known as Harvest Moon: One World. One World is being developed by┬áRising Star, who is currently working on the survival horror sequel to Deadly Premonition. While the two titles differ drastically, it’ll be interesting to see Rising Star’s take on the farming simulation genre on this generation of consoles. Harvest Moon: One World is releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in the fall release window, with no specific date set as of right now.

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While the original developer of the Harvest Moon series is currently working on Story of Seasons, Rising Star will be showing us the next Harvest Moon title with One World. One World will likely include many real life locales such as sandy beaches, snowy mountaintops and, of course, plenty of farms. With Deadly Premonition 2 being a survival horror genre game, it’ll be interesting to see how the developers at Rising Star envision Harvest Moon compared to┬áNatsume Inc, one of the other developers associated with the franchise.

“Explore a world of adventure while managing a growing farm, when Harvest Moon: One World crops up on Nintendo Switch this autumn!” said the official Nintendo Twitter account. Gamers who have dissected Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will have much to delight in with the release of the more adventure focused One World. Very little is currently known about One World but it won’t be long before it’s available for fans of Harvest Moon to play through on the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Dualshockers