PlayStation Store Downloads Slowing in US

Sony Slowing PSN Downloads Across the United States

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, Sony will be slowing the download speeds for games on the PlayStation Store. Speeds have already been slowed across both Europe and the US to try to manage the increase in traffic since quarantine started in some regions being heavily affected by COVID-19. Anyone who’s been slogging through downloads can benefit from this will benefit from the gameplay experience being unaffected. Though this affects all PlayStation users, PS Plus subscribers will notice a difference when they try downloading Uncharted 4 or Dirt Rally 2.0, their freebies this month.

PS4 Crossplay

“We will continue to take appropriate action to do our part to help ensure internet stability as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve,” said Jim Ryan. “We are grateful for the role we play in helping deliver a sense of community and entertainment in these very trying times. Thank you again for your support, your patience, and for being part of the PlayStation community. Please stay home and stay safe.” When they implemented these changes in Europe, SIE claimed that it would “manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire internet community.”

As more gamers take to their favorites series’ during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, it’s a good idea for companies such as Sony to properly allocate their servers in this sense. It’s more important that everyone is capable of accessing the PlayStation Network than having some people with superior downloads to others. While this is happening currently in Europe and the US, it’ll likely affect more regions as time goes on. We hope this doesn’t negatively impact games releasing soon, or upcoming betas, demos, etc.

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Source: Destructoid