Moving Out Focuses on Accessibility Options

Moving Out is a Co-Op Title That Focuses on Accessibility

SMG Studio recently released a trailer for their upcoming co-op title, Moving Out. The trailer focuses on their accessibility options such as dyslexic friendly text, scaleable UI and easily remapped button options.Toggle options will allow gamers to choose whether they want to hold a button, trigger, etc. or whether they want to press it to activate it and press it again to deactivate it. Moving Out features an extensive assist mode which scales the difficulty of the game better than easy, medium and hard. Moving Out is releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 28th.

Moving Out

Moving Out apparently plays like a combination of The Stretchers and Overcooked! and the trailer shows off some of this hectic co-op gameplay. Assist mode will allow gamers to choose longer time limits, reduce the amount of stage hazards and if your duo is really struggling with a particular level, skip level will be available as well. Careful with how much you adjust the assist mode though, because the timer requires 35 seconds for a gold ranking, 50 seconds for silver and 120 seconds for bronze.


Gamers who normally struggle with subtitles may delight in the text in Moving Out which is thick and white, white, with a hard drop shadow to stand out from the rest of the game. Dyslexic mode will change the text for gamers struggling with that particular disability, which opens the game up to more people. The CEO of SMG Studio, Ashley Ringrose, recently encouraged other developers to make their games more accessible, saying: “The goal for us is to allow anyone, of any ability, to play and enjoy Moving Out.”

Will you be trying out Moving Out? Do their accessibility options make you feel more included? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers