Games Done Quick Is Holding Event for COVID-19 Relief

Corona Relief Done Quick

Games Done Quick is one of the biggest and most popular gaming events for charity. Every year they host a couple of events raising money, usually for Doctors Without Borders or Prevent Cancer Foundation. While those organizations are always worthy causes, there is one problem that is staring us all right in the face: COVID-19. This pandemic has ravaged every industry, including the video game industry. Pretty much every event, conference, and convention has been cancelled, Summer Games Done Quick included. However, Games Done Quick has put together a more immediate plan to provide COVID-19 relief.

Games Done Quick

Corona Relief Done Quick is currently underway, donating proceeds to Direct Relief. Usually, a Games Done Quick event would break the rules of social distancing by gathering a bunch of gamers and audience members into a convention hall, but during this event, speedrunners are playing from home, like the GDQs of old, before they reached the success and popularity of today. The first game played during this event was Donkey Kong Country and the last game scheduled for Sunday will be Kingdom Hearts II.

A few hours into the first day of Corona Relief Done Quick and they have raised over $35,000 for Direct Relief. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, the event will run until about midnight Eastern Time. You can check out the schedule on their website.

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Source: Twitch