Fallout 76 Free on Steam for Bethesda Launcher Owners

Get Two Versions of Fallout 76 for One on PC

Fans of Fallout 76 on PC can get the Steam version of the game for free by linking their Bethesda Launcher account with their Steam account. Bethesda recently announced that fans of the game on the Bethesda Launcher could link their Steam accounts and get a free version of the game that they already purchased. Gamers who link the two accounts between now and Aprith 13th will have two versions of the online multiplayer Fallout on their PC. Fallout 76 is also available for PS4 and Xbox One now, with the delayed Wastelanders update finally releasing on April 14th.

Fallout 76 vista

Fallout 76 officially launches on Steam alongside the Wastelanders update which was delayed multiple times. The online multiplayer Fallout title has been on the PC for a while already but it was available exclusively through the Bethesda Launcher so fans who are sick of using that platform can opt to use the Steam client instead. With the Steam version launching on the same day as Wastelanders, we can’t help but think Bethesda wanted to throw out all of the good news they had for Fallout 76 at once in an attempt to stimulate the dwindling Fallout 76 PC community.

Apparently game progress will carry over between both versions but Atoms and the Fallout 1st membership benefits won’t, though items purchased using Atoms will. We can’t help but think linking the Fallout 1st subscriptions with any copy of the game that fans have would encourage more people to subscribe. While the Steam achievements will mimic those on the PS4 and Xbox One, some may require the creation of a new character, so achievement hunters will have to start from scratch.

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Source: Gaming Bolt