Iron Man VR Delayed Due to Coronavirus Crisis

That’s the Hero Gig

Remember like three months ago, when a bunch of games were getting delayed for seemingly no reason? I kind of miss those days because now we have games that are getting delayed for super real and close to home reasons. COVID-19 is disturbing almost every aspect of everyday life, including in the video game industry. Development has been impacted and physical releases are being delayed. Even superheroes are no match for this virus. In an announcement by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the release of both Iron Man VR and The Last of Us Part II have been delayed.

Iron Man VR Delayed

The original date for Iron Man VR’s release was February 28th, but in January, Camouflaj announced that it would be delayed until May 15th. This is Iron Man VR’s second major delay, but this time there is no new timeline. As you may have heard this statement on the news, “the virus will set the timeline.” Sure, everyone would like to go outside and get back to work, but that just isn’t in the cards at this point.

Though there are plenty of games that are available for us to pass the time with, a simulator of a genius in a flying suit of armour is the kind of thing we need right now. Like The Last of Us Part II, Iron Man VR has no immediate replacement for its release date. It will be available eventually on PSVR.

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Source: Twitter