Bethesda Say Fallout 76 Was Worth it Despite the Controversy

It Was Worth Trying Something New

Fallout 76 has ought to be one of the most disappointing games of the last decade. Made by Bethesda, fans were expecting to see another world-class game from the studio. Up until that point, Bethesda had one of the best reputations throughout the video game industry. With games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim under their belt, no one was expecting Fallout 76 to turn out the way it did. Since Fallout 76’s initial launch in 2018, the game has been filled to the brim with bugs and other technical issues. There have been a series of patches to try and help with these problems but some of them still persist to this day. Despite the game’s horrendous launch and subsequent life span, some people in Bethesda are still happy that they tried something new.

Fallout Classic Collection

Pete Hines, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication for Bethesda recently went on the ‘We Have Cool Friends’ podcast and discussed the game in great detail. The topic of how poorly the game has done was obviously unavoidable, and when asked about it Hines said, “We tried something that was a pretty big change of change of direction for that studio and just because it didn’t go well doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do that.” He added, “We wanted to expand a little bit and try something different.”

Hines also seemed like he looked at Fallout 76 as a valuable learning lesson. As a mistake that all companies are bound to make sooner or later. Hines, like many others, seem to think that the project was overambitious and was unable to materialize in the way that they had wanted. Hopefully, Bethesda can learn from this and turn it into something positive moving forward. The next Elder Scrolls game is in development and fans are now rightfully concerned about how it’s going to look.