Fallout 76 Gamers Hoarding Toilet Paper

Fallout 76 Mimics Real Life Toilet Paper Rush

Gamers are finding a unique way to enjoy Bethesda’s Fallout 76 by hoarding toilet paper and inflating the market due to the supply and demand. Similar to real life, the worth of toilet paper was very low prior to the coronavirus pandemic and now it’s another case of art imitating life. When Bethesda released Fallout 76, they wanted to encourage player engagement and it seems a real life situation completely beyond their control has given their player base something more to do. Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and the big Wastelander update releases on April 7th 2020.

Fallout 76 toilet paper

Similar to reality, there are brawls breaking out between Fallout 76 players in an attempt to earn the last roll of toilet paper. Typically this junk item serves little purpose but hilariously the player base has found a fun way to troll each other during the pandemic. We appreciate whenever people can turn negatives into positives and think this is a clever way to get through quarantine for people who are locked down. Some people are selling toilet paper at inflated prices online right now and Fallout 76 players are no different, setting ridiculous prices for their last roll.

While you may struggle to find toilet paper on store shelves, you may get lucky and find some when you drop into Fallout 76. Unfortunately the digital currency will not transfer over into any lucrative real life money, fans of the online multiplayer Fallout have inflated the worth by hoarding it. While Bethesda seems to constantly generate negative sentiments with the latest installment in the Fallout franchise, this is a great way for their players to come together in a way that’s completely unaffected by Bethesda’s attempts to fix the struggling title.

Are you struggling to find toilet paper in game or on store shelves? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book Gaming