Three Quality Indies Free on Epic Games Store

A Short Hike, Mutazione and Anondyne 2 Are Free on the Epic Games Store

Three critically-acclaimed indie titles are getting free releases on the Epic Games Store this week as of March 19th. A Short Hike, Mutazione and Anondyne 2 have all been nominated for Independent Games Festival Awards and they’ll be showcased on the Awards show the day before they go free on the Epic Games Store. Gamers will be able to watch the IGFA show live on stream on March 18th and then potentially download award winners the day after. The Stanley Parable will be the next freebie on the Epic Games Store as they continue to provide quality experiences at no charge on the PC platform.

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A Short Hike is an indie game about a short hike on a fascinating island with paths that lead to hidden treasures and other hikers to chat with. It’s a relaxing experience with hidden secrets to uncover along the hike. Mutazione features a strange community of secretive characters in a plot that takes the gamer along “a final spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness at the heart of it all.” Although that may come off as intense, there are fun little sidequests such as boat rides, BBQ, planting gardens and making friends along the way.

Anondyne 2 apparently shares some similarities with the Legend of Zelda in a retro-style blend of 3D platforming. The plot follows a character known as Nova the Nano Cleaner who’s on a quest to save the people on an island known as New Theland. All of the islanders are infected with Dust which Nova defeats by shrinking herself and entering their bodies with her Nano Vacuum to defeat the Dust once and for all. Like Mutazione, this story features strange characters and painful experiences but unlike the spiritual journey of Mutazione, Anondyne 2 is about testing Nova’s loyalty.

Which of these three indie award nominees are you downloading on the Epic Games Store first? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer