Pokemon Sword and Shield Exchange Exclusives

Pokemon Sword Gets Shield Exclusives and Vice Versa

Pokemon Sword and Shield have recently received an update that brings version specific Pokemon to both games. Owners of Pokemon Sword will have access to Pokemon Shield Pokemon and vice versa in the Wild Area. The Wild Arena event Galarian Ponyta to Max Raid battles in the Wild Area for Pokemon Sword owners and Pokemon Shield will get Galarian Farfetch’d in their Max Raid battles. The Galarian generation of Pokemon is exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, with both games receiving an expansion pack in the near future.

nintendo switch Pokemon Sword

Not all of the Sword and Shield exclusive Pokemon will be available in the other game, many Pokemon are being exchanged between them with this Wild Arena event. During the event, Max Raid battles will also be handing out rare rewards such as fossils during the event. The event continues from now until March 26th which is when Pokemon gamers will no longer have access to the opposite version Pokemon offered during the event.

With the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield bringing new exclusive Pokemon to each game, this Wild Arena event helps gamers catch up on their collection of Pocket Monsters. New legendaries will be joining the roster of Pokemon with the upcoming expansions but this lets gamers expand their collection of less special Pokemon. The Isle of Armor will be joining Pokemon Sword while The Crown Tundra is coming to Pokemon Shield. Gamers can find a full list of the exclusives coming to their favorite version of Pokemon right here. Are you curious what we thought about the Galarian generation of Pokemon? Check out our review here!

Will you be catching Pokemon Shield exclusives in Pokemon Sword or vice versa? Which exclusive is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG24/7