Mario Kart Tour Getting Full Multiplayer

Multiplayer is Finally Coming to Mario Kart Tour Soon

Nintendo has officially announced that their Mario Kart mobile title will be receiving an update that adds multiplayer this weekend. Mario Kart Tour launched without a real multiplayer mode, opting to name opposing race karts after real people to suggest gamers were racing against others from around the world. This all changes when Nintendo lets racers play how they want to on Sunday, March 8th. When racing friends or others nearby, Rooms will let gamers pick speed, item slot number and more. Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android right now.

Mario Kart Tour

While Mario Kart Tour surged in fan base shortly after launch, many of those fans of the series left the mobile title when they realized that the racing wasn’t as competitive as other Mario Kart titles. While it wasn’t available at launch, gamers will soon be able to race against friends and randoms in both Standard and Gold. Standard will involve racing against players in your own grade, while Gold is a race against the best of the best. The upcoming addition of multiplayer will likely breathe more life into the mobile Mario Kart title.

“Race against players worldwide to raise your grade under rules that change daily in Standard Races and Gold Races,” a statement from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account said. “When racing friends or others nearby, Rooms let you pick speed, item slot number, and more. Play your way when #MarioKartTour multiplayer launches Mar. 8, 8 PM PT!” Although we quickly realized the people we were initially racing in the mobile Mario Kart weren’t real people, we’re looking forward to racing our friends after the upcoming update.

What’s your favorite Mario Kart title so far? Will you be giving Mario Kart Tour a shot after it gets multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt