Exclusive Content Coming to Baldur’s Gate 3 on Stadia

Stadia Gamers are Getting Exclusive Baldur’s Gate 3 Content

During PAX East, Larian Studios unveiled more details about their upcoming RPG: Baldur’s Gate 3 and its upcoming Google Stadia release. the Crowd Choice feature allows streamers to give their viewers direct control over dice rolls and key decisions. Another feature allows gamers to see multiplayer screen shared by party members, but these features apparently won’t be available when Baldur’s Gate 3 first releases for early access, but will go live when the game fully releases on Stadia. Larian Studios’ Buldur’s Gate 3 is expected to release later this year for PC and Google Stadia.

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With the additional social features for Baldur’s Gate 3 exclusively coming to Google Stadia, it’s likely that streamers will mostly be playing on the cloud based game streaming service. Although this may not be a compelling enough reason to buy a Google Stadia, early adopters of the console might finally be getting a title that’s optimized for the cloud streaming experience. Part of the official reveal at PAX East included the details into Larian Studios’ partnership with Google and what gamers can expect to see from it.

So far, the Google Stadia is the only confirmed “console” to be getting the upcoming Baldur’s Gate title and these special features are a great way to sell the game on the cloud-based platform. The ability of streamers to forfeit control over decisions and dice rolls to their viewers is a fun feature that we’re looking forward to seeing in action. If the Larian RPG comes to other consoles in the future, it’ll be interesting to see if these features transition over or stay as Stadia exclusive features.

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Source: Game Rant