Game of Thrones Author George RR Martin is Working On Novels While Self-Isolating

Will George Finally Finish These Books?

The Game of Thrones TV show has come and gone. The first handful of seasons was arguably some of the best television ever made. However, as we all know, the final season of the series was such a disaster that it will likely be held up as an example of what not to do for decades to come. To call it bad would be a massive understatement. Despite the rage and disappointment surrounding the show’s finale, fans still had the books to look forward to. The only problem is that the author of the franchise is notoriously slow. But thanks to the coronavirus, George RR Martin has decided now would be a great time to catch up on lost time.

George R.R. Martin

Martin belongs to the most vulnerable demographic of the coronavirus outbreak. He’s getting up there in years and is obviously not the most healthy man alive. Self-isolation is a great idea for him regardless of what he spends his time doing. He is taking the virus seriously and has moved to a remote location vowing to not leave. Martin has said that he has been hard at work on the books. “I have spent more time in Westeros than in the real world, writing every day,” Martin said.

Martin first started the Game of Thrones book series in the 1990s and has methodically released other entry’s from there. The last book Martin released was all the way back in 2011. Almost 10 years ago now. This is not the first time that Martin’s health has come into question. For years fans have been worried that the author was going to pass away before he was able to complete his masterpiece. Perhaps now he will finally have the chance to conclude Game of Thrones once and for all.