An Elden Ring Trailer Has Leaked (But It Won’t Do You Any Good)

One Day, Maybe We’ll Get Real News

Elden Ring is still coming, and that’s as much certainty as we have. The mysterious collaboration between George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki is an Action-RPG set in a fantasy world, and… well, that’s about it. At best, we’ve received just enough updates that we can be reasonably sure that the game isn’t vaporware, but still, what we really want is some gameplay – or, at least, a few juicy screenshots to keep us going.

Elden Ring Release Date

Finally, we have something, albeit a something that has a few major caveats, as a leaked trailer has dropped online.

First of all, the trailer is supposedly low quality. This isn’t an official release, after all, and it’s not uncommon for leaked footage to be graphically questionable. Just look at the leaked footage of Hogwarts Legacy, which turned out to be a fairly accurate representation of the final product, albeit low resolution.

The second caveat is that… well, the trailer is a leak, and as such it could all be a hoax. While outlets like VGC and Bloomberg have backed-up the trailer’s legitimacy, it’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t confirmed, and it might be worth waiting for an official reveal.

News of the leaks first hit a couple of weeks ago, albeit with the leaked footage being shown only in private circles. Now, the video is out in the wild.

The fact that the trailer is made is a good sign for the game’s progress, especially since the game’s publisher have trademarked Bandai Namco Next – possibly some form of press conference where we’ll get more details about the game.

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