The Gnosia Lie–But Not About the Game’s Release Date

A Single-Player Version of Among Us With Anime Characters? Sign Us Up

Gnosia tells a very familiar story–a group of people is stuck in a spaceship, and at least one of them is an alien imposter planning to kill the others. But unlike most social deduction games, it’s a single-player experience, with the game’s branching narrative picking up the slack. Players will hold meetings, gather information, and help make sure the most suspicious crew members will be put into cold sleep… and hope they’ve picked the right target, because if you guess wrong, the body count will rise. Be careful. The Gnosia lie.

Announced as part of Nintendo’s Indie World ShowcaseGnosia described as a “Sci-Fi Social Deduction RPG in which you will engage in discussion with a variety of unique characters, with the aim of identifying the Gnosia among the group.” It goes on to warn that: “as you progress, your abilities will improve – but so will those of the crew. As the numbers of crew members, Gnosia, and various “roles” increase, it will become increasingly difficult to determine who is telling the truth. Work in collaboration with or against other crew members to ensure your survival until the end.”

Well, we’re definitely interested in learning more. Game features include:

  • Repeatedly play through “loops”, triggering special events to unravel mysteries in a uniquely original narrative. Certain events will unlock new commands for you to use during discussions.
  • Step into a variety of roles to develop different character builds. Your stats will determine how effectively you can sway the group’s opinion or lie, and will also affect your likelihood of being selected for cold sleep.
  • Engage with an engrossing and eclectic cast of characters and experience randomly triggered events, each one unique to its subject. Character events will reveal information about your crewmates in the form of special “Notes”.

The question of what the Gnosia truly are and why they attack humans will be unravelled as you continue to play. Personally, we’re hoping you can date one. Come on, look at the art style! We were all thinking it!

Gnosia key art

Gnosia will be available for Nintendo Switch on March 4th, 2021.

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