Final Fantasy VII Remake’s PS5 Version Won’t Use All of PS5’s Features

PS5 Development is Still in the Early Stages

After all, while the Xbox Series X may have a slight edge in some areas, the PS5 has all sorts of features, like haptic feedback or adaptive triggers, that really bring immersion to the next level. Add to that the fact that the PlayStation have always done well with exclusives and it’s easy to see why PS5 emerged as the early frontrunner of the latest console war. A PS5 version of a game isn’t just the same game on a new console: it means getting to feel the tension of a bowstring, or the gravel beneath your wheels, or individual drops of rain.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re still going to need to wait for all those updates to be utilized in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as it’s been revealed that the upcoming PS5 version – complete with a new chapter focusing on Yuffie – won’t utilize all of the features of the PS5.

Don’t worry, everything announced previously – like updated textures, fog effect, lighting, and quality of life upgrades like reduced loading time and a photo mode – is still in the works, but we’re not going to be seeing the PS5’s full potential utilized.

When asked whether the upgrade would include support for haptic feedback and 3D audio, director Tetsuya Nomura played coy, but did state that “As for adaptive triggers, they are partially supported. However, in terms of using all of the features of PlayStation 5, please wait for the next game where we can start from scratch.”

Unfortunately, this means that we won’t get to feel some of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s most interesting scenes with higher immersion. Adaptive triggers are one thing, and aren’t something to be sniffed at, but you’ll need to wait for chapter 2 to see how Square Enix will implement the full power of the PS5.

At this point, we don’t know exactly how much of the original story the next chapter will cover – after all, they managed to stretch 4-6 hours of gameplay into a full 40 hour experience – and given that the story is diverging considerably from the original it’s possible we may not see everything, but it looks like Cosmo Canyon, The Gold Saucer, and The Fall of Nibelheim – among other fan-favorite setpieces- are going to be bigger, and more immersive, than ever before.

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