Everything You Missed in Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

From Spelunky to Among Us, There Were Plenty of Great Announcements

While many Hollow Knight fans were disappointed by the lack of Silk Song content in yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, there were still plenty of fantastic announcements made in the 18 minute indie game presentation. You may have seen us post about a couple of the more major announcements already, but for those not looking to read about any of the games in-depth, we hope to sum up the presentation right here. That being said, you should definitely go read our other stories if any of the announcements particularly strike your interest.

The presentation opened with the announcement that both Spelunky and Spelunky 2 will be making their Nintendo debut on Switch next summer. The new and classic roguelike games will feature the same gameplays fans of the series have come to know, as well as multiplayer options for those looking to play with friends.

Cat lovers will be excited to hear that the presentation included not just one, but two, cat themed titles. The first is Fisti-Fluffs–take control of a wild kitty home alone while your owners are gone, you’ll be yelling cat fight as you take on other cats in an all out fight. Run your very own cat café in Calico, a new title by White Thorn Games. Customize the look of your café while finding and caring for a variety of fluffy friends. Fisti-Fluffs is coming early 2021, while Calico is available now.

Very Very Valet is a silly multiplayer game tasking you with parking a customer’s car, if only it was going to be that easy. Very Very Valet is coming early 2021. Next up came Tunche, a new beat em’ up with local co-op options developed by Hypetrain Digital.

Cyber Shadow is an action platformer being made by Mechanical Head. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch early next year on January 26, 2021.

Other titles include Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, coming spring 2021, Gnosia–a single player imposter/deception game coming early 2021, Happy Game, a psychological horror title releasing spring 2021, and Grindstone–a new puzzle title that is available now.

Rapid fire round: When the Past was Around is available now, Kosmokrats is coming March 2021, Hoa is coming April 2021, Hazel Sky is coming March 2021, Trash Sailors is coming spring 2021, and Finding Paradise is coming spring 2021.

The last two major announcements for the day were Super Meat Boy Forever releasing on December 23rd, and Among Us that was available immediately following the release of the Indie World Showcase.