Switch Online Has Over 15 Million Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online Has More Than 15 Million Subscribers

During Nintendo’s most recent quarterly financial briefing, they told investors that the Nintendo Switch Online service has surpassed 15 million subscribers. Although means the subscription service has brought in more than five million new subscribers since the last update, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa indicated there’s some concern about people not renewing memberships. To combat this, he claimed that more features would be added to the service to retain subscribers. Nintendo Switch Online is $3.99 per month or $20 for the whole year, with a family plan that reduces the cost further.

Nintendo at e3 Switch Online

“One more point to mention is the more than 15 million accounts worldwide with a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online, and those sales occupy a certain presence within our digital sales,” said Shuntaro Furukawa. “But while new members continue to join, there are also those who do not renew their memberships… We will continue to enhance the appeal of the service to bring more features and more fun to Nintendo Switch.” We’re curious to see what Nintendo has up their sleeve as it pertains to new features coming to the Nintendo Switch that will keep gamers subscribing more than what’s already available.

While the Nintendo Switch has surpassed 48 million units sold, succeeding the Super Nintendo’s lifetime sales, not a huge percentage of those gamers are subscribed to Switch Online. Switch Online not only gives gamers access to playing their games online, but it includes a library of various NES and SNES games, as well as the infamous Tetris battle royale: Tetris 99. March of this year marks three full years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and the start of its fourth year of sales.

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Source: Gaming Bolt