Nintendo Has No Plans to Replace the Switch in the New Console Generation

“(Switch) is just entering the middle of its life cycle”

With the release of the new console generation looming, people had some questions about Nintendo’s plans to deal with its competitors. Switch, having released in 2017, did not follow the standard release cycle of the past console generations with Microsoft and Sony. In Nintendo’s latest briefing, President Shuntaro Furukawa and Representative Director Shigeru Myamoto had a Q&A about what to expect out of Nintendo and the Switch in the coming fiscal year.

Nintendo Switch Lite Demo

Furukawa didn’t seem bothered by the new console generation being released, saying: “We believe that the position of Nintendo Switch in its lifecycle is different from that of hardware from other companies and that the consumers of our products are also different. Therefore, we do not believe that the business activities of other companies will be especially influential on Nintendo’s business.”

He elaborated further and stated that they will continue pushing the Switch: “On the other hand, it is essential for us to maintain momentum for Nintendo Switch, and, as described earlier, we must explore the unique demand for Nintendo Switch Lite and expand its sales without slowing momentum of the original Nintendo Switch. On the software side, in addition to continuing to release new software, we believe that it is also essential to continue our efforts to extend sales of already-released software for a longer period than before.”

This probably comes as a relief to many Nintendo fans who might be disappointed if they would be forced to replace the Switch already. In its own place in the life cycle, Furukawa stated that “Nintendo Switch business will soon enter its fourth year, and we believe it is just entering the middle of its life cycle.” So we should be safe to expect about four to five more years with the switch before getting a new Nintendo console.

Source: Nintendo