Dota Underlords Leaving Early Access This Month

Dota Underlords Officially Releasing in February

According to Valve, Dota Underlords will be leaving early access and officially releasing on February 25th. While the game has had several patches to fix bugs and balance things during the early access phase, Dota Underlords will be launching with more, including the game’s fourth Underlord, Enno. Enno is apparently a speedy melee skirmisher with the ability to reposition and quickly escape every time he loses a quarter of his health. Dota Underlords is currently free in early access and is available on Steam to try out before the official release at the end of the month.

Dota underlords

“This will be our last major update before we come out of Early Access and ship Season 1,” said Valve. “The team is now heads down adding features, creating content, and polishing UI. With Season 1, Underlords will introduce new content with City Crawl, new rewards with a full Battlepass, and a new meta with a Hero / Item rotation… Apart from that, things will be pretty quiet on the update front until we ship. We’ll be sharing more about Season 1 in the coming weeks though.” Apparently Valve will be tight lipped about their Dota auto battler until it finally leaves early access on February 25th.

Enno has been added to the early access phase of Dota Underlords and is already receiving balance changes and bug fixes. One version of Enno “heals and steals,” using an an ability to damage the enemy team and heal his own, while stealing the enemy’s lowest-tier item for the rest of the battle. The other version is focused on DPS, laying out a plethora of poison darts and throwing enemies around the battlefield with a lasso for a significant amount of damage.

Will you be checking out Dota Underlords when it officially releases or were you part of the early access phase of Valve’s development? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer